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I’m back with another post! Today, we would be talking about 12 stunning lip makeup ideas that you should try out. Trying lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm may be normal, but what may catch someone’s attention is some beautiful art on your lips, right? Lips being one of the major attractions on the face, it is always good to try some interesting designs on it. It can make your lips look attractive, fuller, plumper and sexy as well. Most importantly, it can make your lips look classy and beautiful.
So, if you’re looking for some good, beautiful and creative lip makeup ideas, you are in the right place. Just keep reading.

1. Juicy Watermelon Punch:

There is no surprise that this is one of the best lip art for girls who want to go for something funky, bold and colourful. You can create a watermelon shade using a lipstick and adding a dash of gloss over it. Isn’t it amazing?

2. Panda Love:

If you’re a panda lover, then this lip art is surely for you! You can use white and black lipsticks to create interesting panda inspired makeup on the lip. Animal prints are so in!

3. Ombre Lip Makeup:

Ombre hair and ombre lip makeup are surely in trend! You can create ombre lip by mixing a subtle and dark variation of the same colour. You can mix two different colours to create a vibrant and interesting shade.

4. Micro Granules Lip Art:

If you want to highlight your lips by adding some funky elements, you should be using micro granules to it. Micro granules are generally used in nail art but if needed you can add it to your lip art as well.

5. More of Shimmer:

You can finish off any lip makeup by adding extra shimmery particles to it! You can always get some extra glitter on the lips to make it look sexy, subtle yet attractive.

6. Color Blend:

In order to make this interesting lip art, you can blend different colours and create a beautiful art. You can always use subtle or dark colours to make your lips look cool! Make your own fashion statement by this art.

7. Ombre With Glitter:

As we mentioned earlier, ombre is in! However, you can add some glitter to the centre of the lips to make it look fascinating and funky. Generally, you should be applying glitter on the subtle colour of the lips.

8. The Light and Bright:

The light and bright lip makeup is trending these days. You can choose a dark and light shade of the same lipstick shade. Paint your lips with the subtle colour on the upper lip while using the bright one in the lower lip. It will make your lips look gorgeous.

9. Animal Print:

If not anything, you can always try animal print to create an interesting lip makeup. Cheetah print, tiger print, panda print and many other animal prints can be your choice!

10. Neon Lips:

You can also opt for neon lips by combining a neon colour with a contrasting shade of lipstick. Check out this interesting lip art here. Isn’t it so cool?

11. Graphic Print:

Another cool makeup you can do to your lips is opting for graphic print or designs. You can make cool graphic designs on your lips.

12. Love Punch:

This is another great idea for lip makeup! Blending the black and red in the perfect way, it creates something great to look at!

Source: makeupandbeauty.com

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