If you are a straight-haired girl, you may think that curly-haired girls have absolutely no issues with their hair. All they had to do is get up and go through the day! They wish that was true, but, in fact, curly hair can be so much wilder and harder to maintain than straight. Curly hair needs special attention, especially after showering, you can’t just shower and go out! Don’t get discouraged if your hair is wild and curly, because your hair is so much more than just manageable! Here are some great hacks that will help you get past the messy curls and bring you to that luscious locks look you desire so much!

1. Get yourself a wide tooth comb

You may have grown up with the idea that you shouldn’t comb your hair. But, luckily, they invented this comb! Right when you get out of the shower, put product in your hair and comb it all the way through, from the roots down. This will distribute product without you putting oil directly on your roots, and a thicker comb will be less likely to snap in thicker hair.

2. Try plopping your hair


When drying your hair, don’t use a regular towel. The fibers in regular towels will mess up your hair, only causing frizz. You can always dry your hair off with a t-shirt. The microfibers here are much more gentle on curly hair. This technique is called plopping, and it’s the best way to dry your hair without ruining the curls.

3. Avoid triangle head

This nightmare happens when the bottom of your hair poofs out and the top stays flat, which results in an unflattering triangle shape. Here is how you can avoid it: layers upon layers upon layers.

4. Know your curls

Figure out what kind of curls you have by using this useful chart.

5. Deep condition your hair

Do this once a week. If you’re not sure where to start the deep conditioning, start with a coconut hair mask! It’s very easy to do and only requires coconut oil and some patience.

6. Use hefty hair clips

Try not sleeping on wet curls only, but pin them with these nifty clips. Twist each piece of hair before clipping and the morning you’ll have dry, full curls!

7. Pineapple your hair

Try another nighttime technique called “pineappling” with your dry curls. Flip your curls upside down and secure. Sleep in peace!

8. Purification shower head

This special shower head purifies water and balances your pH, keeping your hair healthy and strong!

9. Grow your hair out

You first need to figure out how to grow out your particular type of curls. Use this helpful infographic to figure how you should grow out your hair.

10. How to style curly hair

When you get out of the shower, put product on the bottom 3/4 of your hair and brush it through with a comb. Next, flip your hair, loosen your curls, and scrunch. When the curls are starting to form, put a diffuser on your blow dryer and dry your hair upside down. When the curls start to dry correctly, flip your hair up and dry curl with the diffuser into the style you want. Lovely!

11. Avoid heat

Avoid intense heat on your curls as this will damage your hair. Use it only occasionally.

Source: metdaan.com