When you’re buying makeup all the time and it’s never enough so you buy more, there is the risk that some of the products might turn out a total waste of money. Thank Heavens for Youtube reviews, right? Because we get to see what Lush products can do.

The UK based company founded by Mark Constantine and Liz Weir is known for their fairtrade fresh handmade cosmetics. Their candy looking and wonderful smelling skin care products are pretty famous, but this time Chloe Morello is testing their makeup.

The famous 26-year-old YouTube beauty and style guru from Australia has gathered over 2.1 million subscribers and offers informative, educational and fun tutorials including reviews on beauty and skin care.

Let’s start on the look.


Chloe starts by moisturizing her skin first, and then applying the Lush foundation. It turns out pretty shiny which can sometimes look oily, especially in the summer. This foundation is also not suitable to cover red spots which makes it a “miss”. Later on she applies bronzer and highlighter.


For the eyes she goes very simple. She only puts a thick eyeliner which turns out pretty good. She finishes the eye makeup with mascara which doesn’t really do much to her lashes. So for this one it would be a hit for eyeliner and a miss for mascara.


To finish the look, Chloe moisturizes her lips first and then adds a red lipstick. She ends up loving the red lipstick so of course it gets a big HIT.

What do you think about these Lush products?

Share your thoughts with us and enjoy!

Source: metdaan.com