Hair spa is a deep conditioning treatment which is designed to strengthen the hair follicles and also nourish the hair roots. It helps to calm down the oil secretion on the scalp and also increase the blood circulation. It helps to promote hair growth and also leaves you with soft nourished and hydrated hair. It has become the latest trend in hair conditioning.
One of the most important products used in hair spa is the hair spa cream. Here is a quick guide on how to use hair spa cream for glossy hair.

Benefits Of Hair Spa:

Because hair spa has become an essential part of our hair care routine, here are some important benefits of hair spa.
– Helps to increase the cell metabolism thus boosting hair growth in a person easily.
– Helps to repair the damaged hair.
– Helps to get rid of the impurities from inside the pores and also helps to normalize the oil secretion from the scalp.
– It nourishes the roots easily and boosts hair growth. It also softens the hair and restores the natural oils in the hair.
– Another benefit of hair spa is it helps in removing dandruff easily and also relieves stress.
– It helps to deal with dry, rough and frizzy hair.

How To Use Hair Spa Cream For Glossy Hair:

Step 1– Shampoo Your Hair:

The first step of a hair spa treatment at home is you should shampoo your hair. Pick up the right shampoo for your hair and shampoo properly. Now towel dry.

Step 2- Use Hair Spa Cream:

The second step is using a hair spa cream. You should mix the concentrate with one big spoon of hair spa cream. Make sure you mix both the ingredients together to get a creamy texture.

Step 3– Apply The Hair Spa Cream With A Brush:

Now take a flat hairbrush and apply hair spa cream on the hair. Keep separating the hair tresses and cover the each of them with enough amount of hair spa cream. Make sure you apply the cream from the tip to the roots.

Step 4– Massage The Hair Roots:

Once you have applied the hair spa cream, you should massage the hair roots using fingers. Massaging hair roots will help to distribute the cream evenly on the hair strands which promotes soft and nourished hair. Keep massaging your hair for 20 minutes so that the cream gets distributed evenly.

Step 5– Steam Is Important:

Once you have applied the hair spa cream and also applied it to the hair roots, you should steam your hair. Expose your hair to steam for 15 minutes. Or the other way is you can cover your hair with a warm towel and wait for half an hour.

Step 6– Wash The Hair:

After 30 minutes, you can wash off your hair with water. This will help to leave you with soft, moisturized, supple and hydrated hair. It helps in dealing with rough hair and also cuts down the risk of dry and frizzy hair.

Using these steps properly can help to give you glossy hair easily. Make sure you give proper steam to your hair so that it breaks the bonds and leaves you with glossy and super shiny hair.

Some of the best hair spa creams in the market are:
–L’Oreal Hair Spa Vitalizing Creambath
–L’oreal Hair Spa Smoothing CreamBath
–Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Q10 Time Restore Treatment
–The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter
–Wella Enrich Moisturizing Treatment for Dry and Damaged Hair Cream
–Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Masque