We all know that dying your hair in bright colors was a popular trend back in 2015. Even though people still experiment with their hair, they moved on to something bigger and brighter. Like, glow-in-the-dark hair.

Pictures of women dying their hair in locks that glow like a neon sign are taking over Instagram and let me tell you one thing, they are mind-blowing. Do you wonder how they achieve the special look?

Well, you will need to apply some Manic Panic’s High Voltage Classic Cream Hair Formula to your hair and also a black light. The final result will look so cool, everyone’s eyes will be on you. Even though the trend has just emerged, women are experimenting with different colors.

Look down below, to see the new trend:

Daylight vs. Black Light

The hair looks very adventurous during the day, but at night it actually comes alive.

You’ll Never Get Lost in a Crowd

After black light hair, artificial glowing eyelashes might be the next big thing.

Glow Buns

This trend was rumored to be inspired by the neon glow of light sabers in the new Star Wars movie. We are glad that this is happening.

Even Guys are Doing it!

What is really cool about this hairstyle is that there is no limit. Even boys are doing it.

Double Rainbow All the Way Across the SKY!

This has also taken the rainbow hair in a whole another level.

Green Queen

Think green. It would also be really cool if you stepped out in a party where everyone had neon glow in the dark hair. So trippy!


This girl managed to keep things classy matching her neon pink lipstick.

Fiber Optics

Those neon nails look pretty dangerous, though.

Glow Hair is Better

You can see in this photo how cooler you will look. We’re not here to look boring!


The essence of bright hair is looking like a majestic sea maiden.

Paint Ya Hair, Paint Ya Car, Paint Yaself

Coordinate your wardrobe and automobile. The more colors, the better.

UV Color Melt

This is absolutely a favorite. Shine like a supernova.

Source: metdaan.com