Watch the unique Sara K review Blush Fusion products!

Blush Fusion’s cosmetics are mineral-based and do not contain harsh chemicals.

Their products are also completely cruelty and gluten free. Blush Fusion cosmetics are good for all women of all ages, as well as for men and are compatible with all skin-types. Their skin care products are specially tailored for skin battling with acne and blemished skin.

So take 25 minutes out of your day to watch Sara go through Blush Fusion’s bundle of joy which landed on her doorstep right before Christmas. The video will show you everything from body powder and primers, to concealers, lipstick and mascara.

Sara K is a prolifict vlogger based in Littleton, Colorado, and apart from makeup, she likes to be sent books and secrets to the universe. She claims to be off all social media. Yeah, you heard right. Sara K doesn’t have Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Tumblr accounts. This in turn gives her more time to focus on her vlogs, which are in-depth and frequent, and which her followers – whose number is nearing 500.000 – simply love.

In addition to the video below, Sara K posted four others the same week – no mean feat even for the most diehard Youtubers. With her original approach to vlogging and her dedication, this is a rising internet star that you definitely want to follow.