You know, for a person that only goes for black when it comes to nails, nail art is something I only heart on Instagram. But the nail masters of the internet have shared tips that can make even the least nail-savvy person a master.

If you thought that you could never be one of those crafty people that go all artsy on their nails, think again.

Here are 10 awesome nail hacks that will turn your nails from lost to luxurious in no time.

1. Gel pens to draw nail designs.

2. An easy connect-the-dots hack

3. Nail tape to create designs

4. Gitter + clear nail polish = glam

5. Go turquoise stone with a plastic wrapper.

6. Cotton on a toothpick works much better than a Q-tip.

7. There’s a thing called French Dip Tip and watch this:

8. Or go French with the help of a rubber band

9. Use a heart-shaped hole punch and painter’s tape for a quick way to paint a heart

10. Ziploc bags can also become nail decals.