Nothing influences one’s appearance more as hair can, and there is no easier way to make a radical cut with who you were until a certain point than by making an extreme hairstyle change. Yes, anyone who has been contemplating it knows how frightening the prospect is, as there are so many things that could go wrong, but hey, when was greatness achieved with no risk involved? So for all of you thinking about making an extreme change in your appearance, we bring you fifteen confidence-boosting examples when bravery in the hair department was rewarded manyfold.

1. Nothing is braver and more radical than going from one extreme to the other!

2. A wonderful juxtaposition of two contrasting but equally beautiful styles: classic braids and long silk

3. From sassy to glamorous, from pink to blonde!

4. Both of these trends, gray and pastel, are big in 2017 and she’s wearing each one with distinction

5. She went to the dark side after all, and she wasn’t wrong

6. From red to pink, a gorgeous, girly, adorable brightness about her!

7. Going from brunette to blonde is a challenge, but this girl nailed the change of her makeup to go with the new hair color

8. A wild transformation that was totally worth it – chic, funky and pretty!

9. From the drama and brightness of red hair to a muted, dark statement of intent

10. For the lovers of the natural look, it doesn’t get much better than this

11. The eternal battle of blonde versus brunette!

12. Proof that blonde hair with dark roots can be beautiful and classy

13. From intense purple to turquoise matching her eyes

14. When the bravery to face the scissors truly pays off, there’s nothing sweeter

15. A gorgeous blonde to brunette hair transformation where the brown hair simply stuns with its lightness