A braid can be used as a foundation for dozens upon dozens of hairstyles. I mean, you are all aware of how many braid hairstyles we’ve told you about in the past. I think you’ll agree on that first point I made.

Well, anyway, if those braid hairstyles we’ve shown you weren’t enough, we have found some more.

Yeah, some more. Not one, not two, but fifteen unique braided hairstyles.

We have listed each and every one of them below, and you definitely need to give the video a watch if you want to achieve these hairstyles at home.

1. Messy bun with a braid on the back.

2. A rose made of hair on the side. A hairose?

3. Pull-through side braid.

4. Wrap-around braids.

5. Some very thick space buns.

6. Wrap-around crown braid.

7. These stunning curls that can be achieved through braids.

8. Top braids leading into a bun.

9. A side-placed pull-through braid leading into a regular, intertwined one.

10. Bottom-placed braid.

11. A messy bun.

12. Another messy bun.

13.  A less messy bun.

14. You might have noticed a pattern emerging by this point.

15. A side placed pull-through braid tapering off into a bun.

We think that these hairstyles are definitely cool, and they’re good for back to school, like the title of the video suggests.

Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out the video to see how these hairstyles were done.


Source: metdaan.com

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