Remember that your make up should ALWAYS be on fleek, during the day and especially on a night out. But sometimes we get messed up when it comes to deciding what is more appropriate and when.

YouTuber Kelly Strack loves everything when it comes to beauty and fashion. As well as makeup, on her channel you will also see hair tutorials, fitness routines, chit chat videos, what she eats and other fun stuff.

Today, she is doing us a huge favor by sharing two different looks with us using the Deck of Scarlet palette. One look is for daytime and the other for a night out.

Natural everyday makeup

For this look, she applied her foundation by spreading it in a very natural way. For the eyes, she used bronzer and also lined her eyes with black liner. Kelly says that contouring is not her thing during the day and finishes the look by applying creme peachy lipstick.

Night out glam

She decided to go more edgy for this one. By using the “super power” palette which contains blush, eyeshadows, creamy lipstick and eyeliner. She chooses to go with smokey green eyes and eyelashes. Then starts contouring, blushing and highlighting her face. She finishes everything up with a beautiful cranberry shade.

For more details. you can watch the video down below. Enjoy!