If you are looking to turn into the redhead lane sometime soon, we recommend burgundy as a good place to start. This bold variant of red has a variety of enticing sub-shades to choose from. The name comes from the reddish brown Burgundy wine, named after the eponymous historical region in France, where this beverage stems from.

We are offering a collection of 30 burgundy hair ideas to start you off on your red adventure. The ideas were developed by My New Hairstyles, a website that aims to be an ultimate go-to resource for hair inspiration, run by five hair aficionados who believe hair is the ultimate source of sheer fun and a completely renewable one at that.

Happy choosing!

1. Deep Burgundy Hair Dye

One of the most intense burgundy shades, this color with a noble red wine note is elegant and refined, yet edgy. If you have long and rich hair, wear it silky smooth. No other style helps bring out the refined notes of this burgundy shade than simply styled hair.

2. Burgundy Red on Light Brown Hair

This rich burgundy color which, achieved using an ion hair dye, is one of the burgundy hues well attuned to brunettes and brown-haired girls. Its subtle combination of plum red and chocolate brown or maroon gives it an elegant and captivating look.

3. Burgundy Hair and Chocolate Brown

The chocolate hair color is beautifully enhanced by the burgundy undertones. An ideal hair color to contrast a porcelain white skin and bring blue or green eye color to the fore.

4. Dark Burgundy Hair Color

A bold hair color for a bold and edgy hairstyle. The delicious cherry and plum overtones of this hairstyle make it a perfect choice for your summer vacation. Mind you, you may then be tempted to keep it on forever.

5. Burgundy Plum Hair Color

A gorgeous vintage look achieved with the help of a chic purple burgundy color. A powdered yet rich shade like this one suits blue and green-eyed girls with pale skin.

6. Burgundy Violet Hair

A rich and elegant burgundy hue that’s bound to make a statement. If you want to attract any pair of eyes in a room, you can upgrade your personal style with this full rich hair color which is sure to make you noticed wherever you go.

7. Burgundy and Blonde

If you find burgundy too strong of a hair color, you can ease into it by adding softer shades to the mix. Burgundy and blonde are almost complementary colors, depending on which end of the spectrum each of the two belongs to. The girl in the picture above is donning a beautiful soft shade of burgundy, softened by natural blonde ends and undertones. A perfect beginner’s step towards achieving the coveted burgundy hair.

8. Burgundy and Black Hair: Ariana Grande

Ariana also eased into the burgundy world by wearing a cherry hue-infused shade. However, she doesn’t go for full-length burgundy but chooses to combine it with her natural coal black hair color and the shades complement each other beautifully.

9. Burgundy Brown

Another instance of soft burgundy, in this case perfectly suited to both the natural hair color and the brown color of her eyes. The complexion, too, is complemented by the softer nuances of this shade of burgundy. It is recommended that the makeup and the styling of the hair are kept to a minimum due to the strength of the burgundy color.

10. Burgundy Red

This shade plays on the warmer end of the spectrum as far as the burgundy hair color chart is concerned. This shade is really reminiscent of a glass of red wine. Notice how a warmer shade of burgundy is ideal for a warmer complexion and medium skin tones.

11. Burgundy and Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

If you’re still not sure about your commitment to the burgundy project color but you would still like to try it on for size, playing with several colors at the same time might be the way to go. Look at this skillful balayage that uses burgundy and blonde highlights and lowlights to add depth to a naturally dark hair. Not only do these hues add depth, but they also brighten the hairstyle.

12. Dark Red

This burgundy red hair color is among many shades across the rainbow pop star Rihanna has successfully sported over the years. Thus, if you’re looking for cues on how to wear or style your hair, just take a look at Rihanna. She’s been flaunting this color on her natural coiled mane, on a pixie cut, on a faux hawk cut, on long silky smooth hair and much more.

13. Black and Burgundy II

Unlike the previous example featuring black and burgundy hair, this time, the burgundy shade shimmers violet, not reddish hues. Nonetheless, the blend is still visually pleasing in another way.

14. Blonde and Burgundy II

If you are blonde, one way to refresh your hair – whether it’s dirty blonde, ash blonde or platinum blonde – is to add a contrasting color. This is a gorgeous example of blonde and burgundy balayage. The burgundy hair with highlights features elegant yet playful colors.

15. Light Burgundy: Emma Stone

Emma is yet another Hollywood beauty who has flaunted every shade of red hair that exists, always looking equally gorgeous. However, this light burgundy shade is rarely donned so successfully. Pair with matching makeup that isn’t too dramatic and you got yourself a winning combination.

16. Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair

A black-burgundy ombre enhanced by burgundy highlights, at least two gradients lighter than the base. Notice the transition between the different shades of burgundy. The one closer to the roots is almost as dark as the base of the ombre. Then gradually, the hues brighten to reach a shade close to cherry color at the ends.

17. Punk’s Not Dead: Blonde Hair with Burgundy Highlights

This is what happens when burnt platinum blonde meets burgundy purple. Of course, much depends on the styling, as the same hair color blend can be successfully flaunted during business meetings or in more formal environments. Don’t shy away from trying on a look that serves more than one purpose.

18. Burgundy Short

You don’t necessarily need long wavy locks to rock it burgundy style. Shorter hairstyles are perfectly suitable as well. Whether you choose to go all the way or just add burgundy highlights, you are guaranteed a unique and flattering look. This short bob becomes a statement hairstyle with its purple burgundy base enhanced by lighter burgundy highlights.

19. Sophisticated Burgundy Ombre

Another sophisticated look achieved with the faded violet burgundy shade. The swift transition from dark ash brown to ashy burgundy is what makes this style unique. To exploit this hair color at its full potential, style in vintage loose curls.

20. Burgundy Wine

When burgundy hair started being advertised as a big hit, it was as an autumn color. Now, it has slowly but surely taken over the rest of the seasons as well. The sophisticated wine-reminiscent hues ranging from colder to warmer make burgundy a good choice no matter if it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter.

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