Everyone thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to make an emoji rug, and I’ll admit, it is pretty crazy to want to make a RUG, but I knew we could figure out a way. Did you guys ever make those mini latch hook wall hangings in the 90s? I’m pretty sure I had a smiley face and a flower. Anyways, we applied that same technique to our emoji rug only in a much larger form! This is not a quick DIY by any means, but it’s great for relaxation and the end results are totally worth the wait. I mean, how many other people have an emoji heart rug?! Plus, I’m providing the pattern that I worked off of, so it’s easy peasy from there! Ready for some flashbacks to the 90s? Let’s make this thang!!


Latch hook tool
7 skeins of magenta yarn
4 skeins of yellow yarn
Latch canvas blank
Downloadable emoji heart rug pattern

How to:

1. Insert the latch hook tool under and up through one of the squares on the latch canvas.

2. Loop a strand of yarn around the neck of the tool. To make the strands of yarn, wrap the yarn around all of your fingers and cut the wrapped yarn in half at the top and bottom.

3. Put the strand of yarn in the loop of the tool and pull down and toward you, removing the latch tool to create a knot.

4. Continue with these steps and follow the pattern. Once everything is done, trim any strands that might be longer than the others and cut off excess canvas.

Have you picked out the perfect place in your room for an emoji rug? This is definitely going to be a fun statement piece in the studio now. Pretty soon the whole place will be emojified. Ha!

Source: awwsam.com