You’ve seen it all from easy braids to easy curls, but something isn’t right for your style. You simply wish for a day without touching your hair dryer and not having to think about your curling iron. Hair also needs rest at the weekend, doesn’t it? If you have to live life fully, you may not have the time to do long experimental tutorials on your hair. Also, your life may be a bit chaotic, like mine, and then you just have no other alternative but taking it easy every day. Daily hairstyles can be quick, easy, and fun. And, no, you don’t have to burn yourself using the curling iron in the rush. Because you won’t be even using a curling iron at all! Are you prepared for some instant stylish hairstyles that are completely heat-free? Shalini will help you.


Shalini is a talented girl from India. She shares her talent and love for hairstyles on her YouTube channel with her fans. Her channel has over 140,000 subscribers. Shalini is living life on the run. That’s why she posts so many videos about easy hairstyles that you can do in less than five minutes. She knows what it’s like to have a hectic lifestyle and quickly loose a daily hairstyle routine. With her easy tips, you can still look fabulous even though you are living life on the run. Her videos can teach you how to make all kinds of braids and buns.

Shalini has a great tutorial that you can watch in the video below and it is all about easy styles. She feels your hectic life, so give these heat-free braided styles a whirl. They are both easy and fast, and you don’t have to damage your hair with heat on a daily basis.

Check out the three hairstyles below:


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