Has it happened to you to just fall in love with a makeup product but when you look at the price tag, it breaks your heart in a thousand pieces? I know it hurts and you really wish there were something similar or as good as it. Did you forget about drugstore products?

Drugstore makeup is SO good today, you guys!

And there so much to choose from. You can’t buy all of the makeup, it’s cheap but what about that huge pile that won’t work for you.

For situations like that, there’s the gorgeous Christen Dominique. She tries some stuff out for you, so that you don’t have to. We love her for that. Because she’ll tell us what works and what’s totally not worth buying.

So she went out, but a bunch of makeup and filmed a video with it. Are we saying that all you have to do is just watch and make your choice?

Yup. So let’s see.


Christen likes a full coverage so she is testing a foundation by L’Oreal and she definitely recommends it. It gives her face a clear, matched tone and lasts 24 hours. She applies the foundation on her face using her fingers as she finds it easier. Later on she conceals under the eyes and contours her face.


For the eyes she is using a palette by Maybelline called the 24 Nudes. Christen starts with a matte light nude and then creates a smokey eye with brown eyeshadow. Then, moves on to eyeliner and eyelashes. The mascara from Cover Girl gets a big NAY!


She finishes the whole look by lining her lips with a nude color and then using a Maybelline matte lispstick. Perfect!

If you would like to see more of the look, click the play button below. Enjoy!

Source: metdaan.com