We absolutely love doing our makeup and learning new techniques every day. But it gets stressful sometimes when it comes to special occasions like for example, a date. You don’t want to look like you tried too hard but you want to also define all you best features. The right thing to do? We have to see what Youtube has to say, of course.

The charming Canadian YouTuber Elanna Pecherle loves everything beauty-related, so she chose to base her channel on various amazing makeup tutorials. In this one, she is showing how easy is to achieve a date night look without using a single brush, just a beauty blender.


Elanna starts by priming her face and then mixing two NARS foundations. She blends everything with a beauty blender and adds concealer next. Still using the blender, she contours her face, adding blush and powder.


For the eyes, she is using a dark brown eyeshadow and then follows with a black sharp eyeliner. To finish the look she adds eyelashes.


The 25-year-old is using three different lipsticks to achieve the color she wants, which is a rosy brown color. Does this shade ever get old? Didn’t think so.

What do you guys think about the date look? Because it’s all there: looks amazing, yet effortless. Straight out of a magazine for your date, right?

Source: metdaan.com