Sandi Crystal Ball has been a YouTube nail art vlogger since 2010. Today we are doing the Ombre nail technique with her help.

This particular technique garnered a lot of fans and lucky for us, it’s easy too!

Start off by applying translucent base coat for protection.

For the first pattern, you’ll need polish and a makeup sponge. The base color will be pink. Coat the cuticles with liquid latex, you want to avoid smudges. Take both purple and a pink polish and apply them to a makeup sponge. Press the pattern onto the nail. Wait about a minute to dry and repeat the step once more. Remove the liquid latex and clean up any excess around the nail with a brush and remover.

For the second pattern we will use a white base coat. Again, apply the liquid latex. This time around, you will need white and green acrylic paint. Apply them on the sponge. Do the same exact thing as in the previous pattern. Remove the liquid latex and clean up excess.

The next pattern is the pretty glitter gradient. We are using polish with some chunky glitters inside and applying them on the tip of the nail. In addition, spread it out towards the base of the nail, but not going all the way down. When that layer is dry, we apply a second layer, mainly on the tip but also a little below it. Keep in mind not to go too far to the base since you want to establish a gradient look.

Our fourth pattern is a silvery black ombre. Apply the silver polish on the base. Proceed with applying a black polish halfway down the nail. Now, take a striping brush and drip it into the silver nail polish. Create small little strokes right where the black and the silver polish meet. Keep doing this until you cover most of the black line.

The last pattern needs an eyeshadow applicator. Color the base light blue. Protect the skin around the nail with liquid latex. Take a darker blue polish and apply it onto the eyeshadow applicator. Sponge onto the tip of the nail going about halfway down the nail. Flip the applicator over, apply the light blue and sponge the bottom half of the nail. Wait about 45 seconds to a minute between layers. Remove liquid latex.

Finish with a fast drying top coat to seal in your designs!


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