Whether they make you think of a wedding, a New Year’s party, a festival or a sports match, confetti has that quality of waking up a celebratory feeling inside of us.

Some scientists believe that confetti is a remnant of sacrificial rituals that were common in Ancient Greece. It was a common feature at carnivals all over Medieval Europe and their first use at a New Year’s party was recorded in 1885 in Paris.

But the confetti theme does not have to be only a party decoration. If you like it, there is a super-easy way to use it as a makeup theme as well.

A colorful confetti collage on your lids? Hell yeah!

In this video, you can find one such idea, the embodiment of which is brought by Dutch vlogger An Knook.

An Knook loves to use her own face as a canvas for her makeup passion. As she dots up her eyes she takes you through all the products that she is using. The end result is cause for a celebration. Big Time! It looks spectacular and never mind a wedding this is fair game for any festival goer.

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Source: metdaan.com