Sara K is a YouTube makeup and lifestyle vlogger and one of the most inspiring creatures walking on this planet!

I really love that she is absolutely herself when doing these videos.

In this video, she is showcasing an aquamarine eye shadow look with an eye shadow that she recently bought and wanted to try it out.

Prime the eye with a liquid primer. Set that with a loose powder. Apply some peachy eye shadow at the crease and blend that real well. Now the peachy will be layered with a more orangey tone.

As soon as you are done with that, you are going to apply the minty aquamarine eye shadow on your lids. Now, apply some burnt caramel shade right in your crease. Blend as much as you can around the crease area. Define the lid with an eye liner.


Apply some primer to set the face for further makeup. Sara K is using theTarte Clean Slate Poreless Primer. Tap the primer well into your pores. Then, we are going to go with the foundation.  She is using the Mac Studio Fix Foundation. Use a brush to blend the foundation as much as you possibly can. You want your complexion to be seamless.

Tap everything all over again with a makeup sponge. Apply a concealer on your T-zone and on the dark circles under your eyes. Use the makeup sponge to blend everything together well. It’s time to set everything up. Apply some loose powder using a brush.

Proceed with contouring the cheeks with a rather large puffy brush. Sara is using the Maybelline Master  Contour Kit. Blend, blend, blend!

Put some color on the cheek bones with the Maybelline Dream Bounce Blush.

Continue by contouring the lower part of your cheeks.

Next, highlight the upper part of your cheek bones.


Fill in your brows. If you are not necessarily fond of a full on drawn on brow, just fill in the sparse spots. Next, apply some mascara on your lashes.

What’s very important is that you add that yellow liquid liner on your lower inner line of your eye. It’s going to give that extra oomph to the whole aquamarine eye!

Draw your lips with a sultry, burnt, cotton candy shade of pink!

Enjoy yourself!