Cutenails YouTube channel has a devoted following, both admirers and practitioners of nail art! I chose to report on a video featuring the infamous One Stroke Technique. But what in particular is the One Stroke technique?

The ‘One Stroke Technique” is a double loading technique that consists of loading a brush with two separate colors. This technique used to serve for decorating furniture or pottery, interestingly enough.

Nail artists from all around the world lobbied for this technique to become a staple in the nail art world, even though it is considered to be one of the hardest techniques to learn. This is so since the nail is actually a very tiny surface on which you have to apply a technique already tricky and delicate just as it is.

First off, start with the base coat. You want to use matte nail polish since it will keep the color put. The artist in the video used matte indigo blue. In addition, we will use two different shades of blue.


Then, we proceed towards scooping one color on the left corner on the brush and another color on the other side of the brush.

Let’s imagine that you’ve already mastered the one stroke technique. Start drawing the petals of your pansies. When you are done drawing the petals, give the color a couple of minutes to dry out.


You might as well rest your hand as well! Professionals recommend that you hold the handle straight up then push the bristles down to create the shape. I imagine this must be excruciating for your wrist!

As soon as the color is dry, you will use an even thinner brush to outline the outer edges of the petal and define their borders. Use navy blue for the edges! The center of the flower is made with a yellow color.


The final detail is made to introduce movement and texture in the drawing through dots. See the video to get an idea on how to draw the dots and get the best of your drawing!


These pansies look phenomenal! I congratulate everyone who took up to learning this technique!