DoIt Yourself or DIY is not just a way of saving money, although that aspect is not one to be sniffed at either. DIY is a whole ethic of self-sufficiency, a way of living sustainably that emerged as a political idea in the 1960s and has since rooted itself in various societal activities worldwide.

Although DIY can be applied to community work, creative projects or music, home improvement is what most people think of when we speak about Do It Yourself. And rightly so.

The extent of the improvement that can be achieved in one’s home through the application of the DIY ethic is simply extraordinary. The internet has only further boosted its reach, as what used to be in (sometimes pricey) books and magazines is now just a click away, with a much wider scope to boot.

This video created by PSYmedia will show you a simple, yet brilliant way of creating your own dispenser for plastic bags.

PSYmedia is a channel sharing short videos about innovative DIY solutions for your home. Check out their work and find out numerous similar ways to make your life much easier and your home a much more functional space.