There are a lot of things people do to express their personality. Whether it’s through the clothes we wear, the jewelry, the lip makeup we use, or our phone and pet accessories, there are loads of different ways to showcase our personalities.

One of the ways to showcase personality that seems to divide opinion is tattoos. It’s a shame that this is still a world where a lot of people dismiss tattoos and say that they are “the thing of the devil”, but the fact that more and more people grow to appreciate tattoos for the art they are makes it all worth it.

Of course, one spot you’re very unlikely to get a tattoo on at any point in your life is on your lips. But, such a thing does exist.

Before you freak out – it’s not permanent, and it isn’t applied with a needle. It’s just a stick on, temporary tattoo for the lips. Laura Lee has decided to put these lip tattoos to the test, and she called in the help of her friend Sylvia Gani.

It looks like a lot of fun! Is this something you would try for a night out?