20-year-old Jessica Angelique Winsenne has more than 100 makeup and nail art videos on her YouTube channel. She says she never imagined that she would like blogging as she says she is “way too shy and uncomfortable with myself”.

However, she is absolutely a gem in the YouTube DIY vlogger world. The reason I’m gushing so much about her is that she makes this foiled French manicure look like a piece of cake!

I will try to break down the video and go through the steps the best I can.

First off, make sure to cleanse the nail of any remaining traces of polish. Use an ultra-bond primer to dehydrate your nails. It’s one of the most important steps so please make sure you don’t skip it.

The description box below the video has all the useful information on the products that she uses.

Third, use a soak off gel. What is a soak off gel? Differing from the traditional nail polish, the soak off gel is painted on using a brush and each layer is ‘cured’ under a UV light. One of its benefits is the fast dry time.

Moving on to the nailbed. If you are not satisfied with the color of your nailbed, choose one that you prefer. Jessica uses a pink one in the video. Make sure you put on a decent amount. You want the smile area to be slightly higher than the rest of the gel because we are going to file it into a perfect shape later on.

Cure for two minutes. When that’s done, you can see the edge is a little bit higher than the rest of the nail. Jessica goes for yet another layer of gel since she wants her edge to be thicker. Once you are done polishing the nailbed, proceed towards cleansing the nail. We want to avoid as much tackiness as possible when we start filing.

Now, file the shape of your smile line. Once you’re happy with the nailbed and the smile line, cleanse the nail in order to remove any dust.

Moving on to the tip design, this is the step where you can get creative. The color, the design and any ornament that you’ll choose will be your preference.

Jessica opted to put foil on since she wanted to see how it would look.

To glue the foil to the tip, she uses the same soak off gel as the base coat. Take a piece of golden foil and put it on the free edge. When that’s cured, secure it to the nail with a generous amount of gel.

Cleanse and file. Apply a translucent top coat for a shiny finish! Don’t forget to apply cuticle oil as well.

To recreate these gorgeous nails yourself, check out the video below for the detailed steps.

Source: metdaan.com