When we were little girls, we always had a special thing about princesses and fairies. Everything about them seemed so magical and dreamy. One thing that defined them best, were the classy, beautiful hairstyles. If you are still into them, or you are simply looking for a special event hairstyle, you are in the right place.

Braids are the best characteristic when it comes to princesses hairstyles, they make you look so young and fresh. Today, YouTube channel Braidsandstyles 12 is going to teach us how to create the perfect fairy, princess look. You can totally pull off this look, you just need to be very patient and follow the instructions.

Let’s see how it goes.

So first you need to start to create a normal braid and then a fishtail one.

Then, you are just going to create different kinds of braids and tie them with hair elastics.

Moving on to the back of your hair, you will need to follow the same procedure and tie some parts of the hair. It will end up looking a little bit messy which makes the hairstyle even better.

In the end, to make the look very unique, you can add little butterflies on different parts of your head. So magical!

If you want to see the whole procedure, click the link below and enjoy your fairy inspired enchanted do.

Source: metdaan.com

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