YouTube’s one and only Christen Dominique takes us through yet another one of her makeup videos. The LA beauty tweeted: “The only drama I like is on my face like this one, just posted this tutorial go watch!” and the link to the video in addition. Posted just two days ago, the video now has more than 150,000 views. She must be doing something right.

This is an evening makeup, full of gloom and doom since it’s her take on the vamp style.

1. Primer and Foundation

Christine uses the translucent Urban Decay Defense Primer which is a full-coverage primer.

“If I am going on a Valentine’s date, I wanna look super hot. I want my skin to look like there is not one single pore on my face” says the even-without-makeup ravishing Christen.

She then proceeds to apply a stick foundation. Blend that well with a makeup sponge. It is your preference, but on top of that one layer of foundation, you might want to tap a little bit of liquid foundation as well. But only if you feel like you need it.

Remember: the concealer and contouring come after the eye is done.

2. Eye Shadow

She prepares the eye with her Kat Von D contouring palette. Put a nude shade all over your eyelid. Go with whatever matches your complexion the best.

When it comes to the crease, miss Dominique uses the Kylie Cosmetics Valentine Collection. Apply a peachy tone exclusively on the crest and blend until absolutely smooth. Establish gradience between the colors by using a slightly darker shade on the outer portion of the lid. Work the imaginary V where you would usually draw the wing of the eyeliner. The last shade that you’ll use to achieve the vampiness in this makeup is to go one shade darker than what you used up until now. Think burgundy purple.

Treat the inner corner of the eyes with a light cotton-candy shade to introduce light to the eye.

Finish the eye by defining it. Use a pitch black eyeliner to draw the cat eye. The cat eye ALWAYS needs to be complimented with fake lashes. So use those too!

Remember: the lower lash line is done after the contouring.

3. Contouring

Christen does her contouring after she’s done her eye, which is what any experienced makeup artist usually does. To cover the dark circles around her eyes, she uses a concealer and gently taps it with a sponge. Spend as much time as you can tapping the concealer to establish a smooth transition.

To set the foundation, she uses the Balm Photobalm light medium powder foundation. The cheeks are contoured last with one of the shades in Kat Von d’s contouring palette.

To add some color to the cheek, Christen uses the Balm Beach Bronzer and just slightly bronzes it up! For the blush, she uses baby pink tinted blusher.

Remember: Miss Dominique highlights the cheeks and the brow at the very end!

4. Lips

Line the lips first with a lip liner to either define what you’ve got or enhance what you feel you lack! Proceed with a matte lip gloss!

Watch the video below for a full coverage behind every step of this makeup look!