Some of our readers are already acquainted with Sveta Sanders, the Russian based nail artist. For those of you who are not, Sanders has numerous tutorials on her YouTube channel, spanning over more than 15 different techniques for nail design.

“I try to pretend I am you when I polish my nails so I can do it more perfectly!” – YouTube user Jenn W commented candidly in her comment section.

Be the one stroke or the stamper made patterns, Sveta never fails to deliver! We chose yet another one of the videos in which she uses a rather unorthodox technique; that of polishing the nails with a spray paint!

Start with the base coat. Use one coat of milky white. Dry it out with the help of a UV Led Lamp. Wait for 30 seconds.

Using tweezers, tape off one of the previously bought stencils. Sveta is using the What’s Up Nails Tribal Sun Tape & Stencils. Tape them onto the milky white surface. Use your own imagination and preference for the placement.

Proceed with spraying nail spray on top of it.

She is using the china Glaze Nail Spray Magenta Shimmer shade.  Wait for it to dry out.

Remove the stencils! Paint them once more to protect the pattern with one more translucent coat. Dry them in the UV Led Lamp.

When the spray has dried off just rinse your hands with some water and the rest of the spray will vanish.

No doubt, people seem to like this technique as well: “wow, you do have powers!” said Carolina Noriega.

Click the video to see it and try it for yourself!